Jewels Curnow


1) Please introduce yourself! How would you describe yourself as an artist/creator?

  Jewels Curnow is a team of two – myself Robbie Curnow and my wife Chantay Curnow. We use
innovative setting and casting techniques. Many of our designs use a primitive style of casting in cuttlefish bone. The cuttlefish bone gives a unique texture and can create one-of-a-kind original pieces. I custom blend many of my own alloys and I hand select all of the gemstones. Each of our designs explores geometry and proportions found in nature.
2) Where are you from and how does this define you and your work?

My family moved to Seattle when I was a small child. They came from the Colorado area where they met through my great grandparents on one side and my grandparents on the other, who were in the same gem and mineral club.


3) How did you get involved with your art, and what is your favorite part of your process?

 My biggest influence artistically was my great-grandmother June. She inspired me creatively – to look beyond the ready-made, past the mundane and into the infinite possibilities that can be expressed through the building blocks of matter. In terms of technical and scientific aspects of the craft my Grandfather taught me to see how things worked and how things interact together. This lead me to experimentation and try new things and trying to push the boundaries of normal jewelry making. He’s also the person who got me most interested in gemstones and mineralogy.
4) What are you excited about right now?       The upcoming trunk show at Kobo.
5) What is something you hope to accomplish in the next year?

This year I will have new and innovative designs I’m adding to my line and I look forward to everyone seeing these creations.


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