Studio Visit with Jewelry Artist Iris Guy

IRIS GUY POP UP SHOW THURS FEB 12! Click here for details.

Iris Guy’s jewelry has won her repeat customers and is carried not only at small boutiques like KOBO, but Seattle Art Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. We were impressed to learn she has been making some of her designs six or seven years because they continue to be popular. Take a step into Iris’ studio to see her inspirations and process.

Iris Guy Black and Gold Moon Earrings

Soldering curved silver pieces (above) to make forms for pieces like the Long Seed Earrings pictured below.

Iris Guy Long Seed Earrings Kobo Seattle 1

Briefly, how would you describe yourself and your work?
I mostly describe myself as a jewelry artist. I earned my Bachelor of Design in visual communications, and I’m graphic designer in my soul, but ALWAYS had the need to work with materials, and get my hands dirty rather than work on the computer all day. I knit whenever I have free time, and my first collection of jewelry was hand crocheted jewelry with silver and gold wires (I used to knit for days with my grandmother…).

Jewelry is my natural passion driven from my love for accessories and wearable art, and a natural continuation of my graphic design passion, converting the 2D to 3D.

You studied graphic design in Jerusalem, relocated to Japan, and now make jewelry in your Seattle studio up the street from KOBO at Higo. Has your international background influenced your art in any way?
Of course! I love folklore art and tribal art, I absorb and observe any place that I’m at, get inspired by shapes, patterns, materials and people.

What’s your favorite part of your job? The most challenging?
My favorite part of my job is when I people wear my pieces and I see how unique they feel. I also love working with the materials and creating something new – which is also the most challenging.

Any advice to our customers who may be looking for a special piece for their Valentine?
Pick something with your heart, usually your first intuition is the right one… 😉

Find Iris Guy’s jewelry HERE on our site, or join us at KOBO at Higo for a Valentine’s pop up trunk show!

On-site photographs by Charissa Pomrehn for KOBO / Jewelry images courtesy Iris Guy

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