Kris Marubayashi – Ceramics

MEET THE ARTIST  – ONE DAY EVENT: Wednesday, July 1, 2015, 3 – 6pm,

KOBO Gallery (at Higo) in Japantown
604 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA  98102
(206) 381-3000

Kris Marubayashi is a sansei (third generation Japanese American) ceramic artist based in Sacramento, CA.  She creates pieces that are highly textural, resembling rocks, geological formations, and metal.  KOBO patrons may be most familiar with her Caldera collection (below), inspired by volcanic cauldrons.


Wednesday, July 1, FROM 3 – 6PM  at KOBO Gallery (at Higo), meet Kris and see selected new works from workshops in Wisconsin and Curaumilla, Chile. She will also bring some of her paper clay bowls, a recent experiment in mixing cement with paper clay to to create pieces that are strong, light, and unrestrained in size.

Kris Marubayashi ceramics

She writes, “I think each of the workshops I went to this year showed me different ways of working with clay, including new ways of creating designs from the past. I made medium-sized slab pieces in the past that tended towards cracking, and the extruder will enable me to create similar work [see above] without that problem!”

Black Paper Clay Vessel 2015
Black Paper Clay vessel 2015
Caldera Bowls
Caldera Bowls
Kris Marubayashi, Ceramics
KOBO Gallery (at Higo) (map)
One day only – meet the artist and see new work
Wednesday,  July 1, 3 – 6pm

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